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Best Gift Ever Could Be A Sweater Defuzzer

Don’t you hate it when your favorite sweaters become covered in tiny balls of fluff and look even older than they are? Or worse, with the growing popularity of ponte dresses, a couple of wearings it begins to look worn and picked.

Throughout college I would painstakingly harvest all the balls off my fuzzy sweaters, which basically just made them clump together, never to be fully removed. Then one year, after doing lots of research, I asked my boyfriend at the time for an electric sweater defuzzer. He asked (multiple times) if that was really what I wanted and I assured him it was, because for some reason I couldn’t splurge on the $15 item for myself.

And it really has turned into the best gift ever. When I take the time to use it, the fabric gets back its original crisp sheen. Not to mention the fun of watching all the rough spots disappear as if by magic.

I had even more fun this past week when I took it into work. I’d noticed a co-worker’s jacket had a really cool white patterned lining, but like my stuff, had one worn area that was balled and discolored. I brought the de-fuzzer in and within 30 seconds the the patch was completely gone and the jacket looked like it could have been new!

Being a cool person, the co-worker was equally excited about the implications of this and even the intern who had inadvertently witnessed this seemed rather interested. Unfortunately, I then took it into my head to wander around the office looking for other people to de-fuzz, but that’s a story for another day.

However, if you, or someone you know has lots of sweaters or soft clothes suffering from picks and balls, you too can have the gift of the lifetime for under $15.


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