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If I Accidentally Did That, What Else Wasn’t I Thinking About?

My part-time roommate had one of the moments tonight. The moment when you realize you just did something completely avoidable and pointless and you had no idea you were at risk. I liken it to dropping your keys down the space between the elevator and the floor or denting the car door because you didn’t stop it from swinging wide in time.

She poured out my bottle of nice wine.

Backstory: She was kind enough to bring down an experimental bottle for us to try as soon as my mouth healed from the wisdom teeth extraction. Tonight we popped it open, and it was well, not quite right.

No worries, I popped open a bottle of “The Franc” which turned out to be an extremely good choice. We poured two glasses and I headed out to the porch. 10 minutes later I hear my roommate crying “Oh no! Oh no!”

She’d intended to pour out the bad bottle, but after making an effort to get the right bottle, had in fact, poured out the nice bottle.

I was sad the good wine was gone, but was more concerned at how distraught she was. Fortunately I had bought it at the wine shop across the street, so we were able to head over and ease her pain somewhat.

And, I mistakenly thought an open bottle meant they were doing public tastings and presumptously got us in on a $70 Burgandy as well 🙂

But I felt for her. How many times have I done something that I thought I was in no danger of doing? And once I have, I wonder what other obvious things I’m messing up. Did I unplug the iron? Did I remember to lock my car? Is my dress tucked in my underwear?

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