$100 Mastercard Gift Card for $91

This isn’t as exciting as 5x Ultimate Reward points for gift cards purchased at Office Depot, but 9% cashback (plus more if you have a credit card that bonuses grocery store spend) isn’t bad!

I just logged into my Safeway just for U account and saw a one-time offer for $15 off a $100 Mastercard Gift Card purchase in any combination when purchased by January 5.

You can make use of the deal with any combination of Mastercard gift cards that add up to $100, but with a $5.95 activation fee for each, your best bet is do one $100 card.

How to take advantage of this deal?

1. Sign in to your Just for U account or create a new account.  You need to already be registered for their club card in order to sign up, so if you don’t have one, go to your local Safeway (they don’t have an online means) and sign up for a club card and Just for U at the same time.

2. Go to the Coupon Center and scroll down til you see the $15 off $100 Mastercard Gift Card offer. (If you sort by About to Expire you’ll see if come up under 1/5/13)

3. Click Add.

It will work instantaneously so you add this to your card as you’re standing in the check out line.

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