When you should have checked the mirror one more time before leaving…

Today I am the victim of a new outfit, a product of my own carelessness. The item was picked out with my mom, so though it has a slightly low cut V neck I assume it’s fine, or there would have been some mention of wearing a tank top under it.

So when I get in the car and look down, I realize the neck is a bit lower when sitting than standing. Hmmmm. Although I enjoy working in a light-hearted office, flashing unsuspecting co-workers doesn’t add to the atmosphere. I immediately start ransacking my desk for a safety pin. No luck, not even a name tag badge to yank one off. I go ask several co-workers. Again no luck.

So then I start getting creative and find a paper clip, name badge clip, and tiny binder clip, opting for the latter. It has a tendency to snap off when I’m reaching for something but is otherwise more invisible than a paper clip and more comfortable than the thicker metal of the name badge clip.

Other random office fixes I’ve found useful?

  • Markers for fixing scuffed shoes
  • Whiteout for pantyhose runs above the hemline

The one thing I can’t live without is my Tide-To-Go Pen for quickly getting out stains. What do-it-yourself “fixes” have you come up with?


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